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World Hockey Cup

The World Hockey Cup is sometimes known as the Hockey World Championships which is a worldwide field hockey contest which was planned by the International Hockey Federation.

This tournament was started in the year 1971 and is held after every four years. A Women’s Hockey World Cup was also organized from 1974-1981 by the International Federation of Women’s Hockey Associations. Out of the ten tournaments held, about 5 countries have conquered the tournament.

Pakistan is the first team which became successful and won the contest about 4 times, Australia and India have won the event one time each, Germany is on the third position and won two labels and Netherlands is the second best team and have achieved 3 labels.

Presently, Hockey World Cup is held in the year 2006 at the Warsteiner Hockey Park at Germany from 6 th – 17 th September. The team players of Germany won the tournament 2 nd time by beating Australia by 4-3 in the final round.


The Hockey World Cup was first formed by Jimmy Nagarwalla from India and AirMarshal Nur Khan from Pakistan . They both planned their thought to the FIH and got consent on 26 th October and were accepted by the GIH Council on 12 th April, 1970 . The decision was taken that the inaugural World Cup will be held in October in the year 1971.

Pakistan hosts the first tournament for World Hockey Cup. A civil war arises between Pakistan and India on the participation of India in the Hockey World Cup. The tournament moved to the Real Club de Polo grounds in Barcelona at Spain in March, 1971.

After that about 12 nations participated in the tournament. But only 10 nations participate in the World Hockey Cup and this tournament was won by the Pakistan . Then it was decided that the tournament will be held after every four years.

Successful National Teams

About 24 teams became eligible for the Hockey World Cup. Out of these, 11 teams qualified for the semifinals and 7 teams qualified for the finals.

Pakistan is considered as the most successful team and other successful teams are Germany , Australia and Netherlands which won the Men’s World Hockey Cup. After that Germany made a record in 10 successive tournaments and won the Hockey World Cup in the year 2002 and 2006.