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Women’s and Girls Hockey

Women and girls have started participating in the ice hockey since 1990. Co-ed series and female associations have altered the appearance of the game in many countries and elite women’s hockey appeared as an Olympic sport. Women’s hockey is not considered as a new game as every country is familiar with this type of hockey.

Girls and women are also checked in ice hockey by following various types of checking done in ice hockey like backchecking, forechecking and crashing for many centuries. The first women’s hockey game was organized in Barrie at Ontario in the year 1892 as stated by the Canadian Hockey Association.

National Hockey League organized the first hockey game in Ottawa where Rideau women’s team was defeated by the Government House team in the year 1889. Then the hockey was played by the women’s team in Canada . The usual uniform of the women’s hockey contains turtleneck sweaters, long wool skirts, gloves and hats.

The first women’s hockey was prepared in the year 1920 and 1930 with leagues, teams and tournaments in every area of Canada and few regions of US. The Preston Rivulettes happened to be the first empire of women’s hockey which conquered the game during 1930. After the World War II, the women’s hockey was rejected to a greater extent.

In 1956, a nine year old girl, Abby Hoffman played hockey match against the boys in minor hockey. Till 1960, the girls were not allowed to join the teams of boys.

Then by the growing generation, the girls and women were given chance to play at universities and colleges. The women’s hockey was started at Canadian inter college in the year 1980 and the hockey game was acknowledged by the NCAA in the year 1993.

In 1990, about eight countries took part in the Women’s World Ice HockeyChampionship. Women’s hockey was introduced for the first time in the Olympics in the year 1998 in Japan .

In the year 2002, the first girl’s team was permitted in the Quebec International Pee Wee Tournament which was considered as the leading youth competition in the world. Now, the girls and boys are given equal opportunity in the hockey game without any discrimination.

Various women consisting of goal tendersErin Whitten and Manon Rheaume have played in the teams of men at the minor level. Hayley Wickenheiser was the first women who have achieved the highest point in the men’s trained hockey making three assists and one goal in twelve games in the year 2003.

After that, the Western Women’s Hockey League was formed in the year 2004 which gives a chance to women to play hockey not in the schools and colleges but also on the international level.