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Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a type which involves 2 roller sports. One roller sport is known as Inline hockey and sometimes it is called as Roller hockey which is identical to ice hockey and use inline skates in place of ice skates.

The other roller sport is known as Roller hockey which makes use of quad skates and is known as Quad Hockey or International Style Ball Hockey. Roller hockey is also known as Hardball hockey in the US and Rink hockey throughout the world. Both games are considered as fast roller sports.

This game was an exhibition roller sport in Barcelona Summer Olympics held in the year 1992. Roller hockey is played as a large sport in the USA . Competitive interior roller groups play using a plastic roller puck and on a sports court.

Both the games involve different equipments and rules and include different kinds of skating. One can see that rink hockey is entirely different from inline hockey when they are played on the field. Inline roller hockey is identical to ice hockey which involves a lot of forward action and fast competition back.

The enlarged movement of quad roller skates creates Hardball roller hockey a sport which is crammed with tight movement, fancy footwork and similar to basketball or soccer. Both Rink hockey and Inline hockey are very interesting games and are generally managed countrywide, worldwide and nearby as Roller hockey.

International Inline Roller Hockey Rules

This game is played in a rectangular rink which is twice in length. The average length of the rink is 40m but it can also vary between 34m and 44m.

The goals are 1.7m wide by 1.05m high. The weight of the ball is 155g. This game is played between the two teams. A team consists of 12 players and only 5 players are permitted on the rink including the goalie and 1 or 2 referees.

Penalty can be imposed on the players for about 2 or 5 minutes. Roller hockey should include a goalkeeper along with one additional player in the team before starting the game.

Inline Roller Hockey US Rules

The rink is made up of cement, wood, plastic surface and asphalt. The layout of roller hockey is identical to ice hockey in which two goals are made in the center away from the court. The puck is made up of a plastic whose weight is between 3.5 and 6.5 ounces. This game involves two referees and a linesman. When a player hits the puck into the net and the ball crosses the goal line, then it is said that a goal is achieved.