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Rink Hockey

Rink hockey is different from Roller hockey and considered as one of the popular sports among the popular hockey options such as Ice Hockey and Field Hockey. This game is very well recognized in various Latin countries like Spain , Argentina , Portugal and Italy and these countries conquered this game till 1940.

Other countries like Brazil , France , Japan and Germany are the habitual worldwide rivals and have less chance to win against the conventional top competitors. United States called this hockey as Hardball hockey. There should not by any confusion with rink hockey with other alternatives like inline hockey and inline roller hockey.

Rink hockey is mostly played using inline skates whereas different rules and sticks are used in inline hockey. This game is played very fast so it is a major trouble for the TV programs and white or blue concrete is used in building of the new rinks so that the ball should be more visible on the television.

In 1992, this game was considered as an exhibition sport played in Summer Olympics held in Barcelona.

The various clubs in Europe and around the world where rink hockey is played are FC Barcelona from Spain , Primavera Prato from Italy and FC Porto from Portugal .

The game

Two teams consist of five men attempts to push the ball with the help of sticks into the goal of the opponent. The player can stop the ball with any part of the body excluding the hand and the ball can be put in action by using the stick. The game is divided into two halves of 25 minutes. Every team is given one-minute time out in every interval. This game consists of maximum of 10 players and minimum of 6 players.

The Rink

The rink is made up of a refined wooden plane, non-slippery and non-abrasive material. The rink holders should put posters in the playing area so that it should be visible to all the players. The rink contains curved corners and is enclosed by a one meter wall. The wall should involve a wooden base of 2 cm wide and 20 cm high. At the back of the goals, there is a net attached which is about 4 m high. The rink is divided into two halves by marking a line.


  • The ball weighs about 155g, has a diameter of about 23 cm and made up of vulcanized rubber.
  • The same clothes are worn by the players in rink hockey as worn while playing football such as a shirt, shorts and socks up to the knee.
  • Goalkeepers can wear various equipments such as neck guard, protective padding on the shoulders, gloves, large shin guards and a helmet.
  • The sticks used in rink hockey should have a maximum of 115 cm and minimum of 90 cm length and can be used by both goalkeepers and skaters.