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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a team game which is played on ice mainly in the US and Canada. The most famous ice hockey countries are Finland, Sweden, Canada, Russia, Czech Republic, United States and Slovakia. The International Ice Hockey Federation consists of 64 members and out of them, 7 countries have conquered ice hockey.

About 60 medals have been awarded in various competitions held in these countries at the Olympic level. Ice Hockey is very famous in the cold regions. This game is very popular and is rated on the top among the North American proficient sports and is played on a higher level. It is considered as the authorized national winter sport which is mostly played in Canada.

History of Ice Hockey

The term ‘hockey’ was used in the 16 th century for certain games but its etymology is not known. The word is derived from the French word ‘hoquet’ and Middle Dutch word ‘hokkie’ but the exact meaning of this word is goal. Many paintings were made by showing the various players playing hockey on a frozen canal.

Various versions of this game were brought to various other countries and were played on the ice. The French and English speaking Canadians played hockey on frozen lakes, rivers and ponds which make use of cheese shears and some of the paintings depict the players playing hockey in Nova Scotia.

The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association affirmed Kingston the hometown of hockey in the year 1943 and then it was played between the students of the Royal Military College of Canada and Queen’s University in the year 1886.

Foundation of the Ice Hockey

The game hockey was founded in Montreal. The first indoor hockey game was played in the year 1875. Henry Joseph, McGill University students, Robertson, Richard F. Smith and W.L Murray have made 7 rules for playing hockey and then the first McGill University Hockey Club was formed in the year 1880.

In the year 1885, the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club was created and the match was played against the Cambridge in Switzerland. In 1896, the Hockey League was established in New York City and the first trained team known as the Portage Lakers was also founded in Houghton Michigan in 1903.


This game is played on a hockey rink. This game is played using ice skates by the six players on each side of the ice. Ice hockey also includes one goal tender in the game. The main objective of this game is to achieve the goals by hitting the rubber disc called as puck into the goal net of the opponent which is situated at the opposite side of the rink.

The players hit the disc by using the long stick which is curved at one end and control the puck. It is necessary that every player has to follow the rules of the game.