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Fantasy Hockey

Fantasy hockey is a type of fantasy sport where the owners of the fantasy form a team that will have a competition against the other owners of fantasy which depends on the information produced by proficient hockey teams or players. The greater part of all fantasy hockey collection depends on the players and teams of the National Hockey League and makes use of source sites such as

Fantasy hockey league is also known as hockey pool which contains about 8-12 teams and can have a maximum of 20 teams. Other kinds of collection can have a large number of teams which weaken the standard skills and depend on the league and now this Fantasy hockey league contains about 30 teams.

Fantasy hockey is considered as the vital acting fan skill and gives the power of an individual team of NHL stars. This type of hockey is played in a league for competing against the opponent teams for contest magnificence. The National Hockey League teams or players consist of a fantasy team and are dispersed through online, draft or in person.

Format of Fantasy Hockey Team

  • 2 Left Wings
  • 4 Defensemen
  • 2 Centers
  • 2 Goaltenders
  • 2 Right Wings


There are some general categories in which points are collected by the fantasy owners and they are:-

  • Penalty Minutes
  • Goals
  • Faceoffs Won
  • Power Play Points
  • Assists
  • Goals against Average
  • Plus or Minus
  • Shots on Goal
  • Game-Winning Goals
  • Shutouts
  • Save Percentage
  • Wins

There are also some general kinds of fantasy hockey leagues. A ‘Head to Head’ league is that league where the owners of fantasy are uneven for duels every week. Every week, the owners try to win the maximum categories and their scores are added to their growing score every week.

The other kind of league is ‘Points’ in which some categories are allocated to the point multipliers and the points are gathered by all the owners by scoring in the categories without any competition. Another type of fantasy league is ‘Rotisserie’ in which the teams are given position according to the best to worst order in the category and the player gets an even amount of points which depends on the place of concluding. The other type of hockey league is ‘SimulationHockey League’.

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