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Electric Wheelchair Hockey

Electric wheelchair hockey is a quick and thrilling ball and stick game which is open to sports person who make use of electric wheelchair. The hockey is played on a region which is similar to the basketball court. This game is played with rules and regulations in order to ensure the safety of the player. There are five players in the team and contains two or three alternate players. A team should consist of two players using T-sticks which is attached to their chair and should also contain the goalie.


NSW Power Hockey Association was founded by some of the players who play the hockey following some rules and the game was called as Power Hockey. This association was approved combined relationship of the NSW Sports Council made for the disabled people which are called as D Sport.

In the year 2002 and 2003, this association spreads to other countries. This association begins with the 5 players at Mount Druitt but now the number of players has been increased to 27. Presently, there are 38 members including the friends and family. The four teams played in the competition and they are Red Flames, D-Unit, Da Cribs and Gators.

Then the Power Hockey Association implements the new rules in the game and the game was played below the International Federation of Electric Wheelchair Hockey Rules. Then the players play with the European countries on the international level and attempt for electric wheelchair hockey to be symbolized in the Paralympic sports in the future.

In 2004, the name of the association was changed to Australian Electric WheelchairHockey Association. This association was ranked 4 th in the world due to its experienced and hard working team. A striking progress can be seen in the skills of the players. The players of Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association are participating in every hockey tournament and have won various laurels and medals to their nation.

The Team

  • The team consists of four field players and one goal tender.
  • The ends are changed by the teams after each over time and half time.
  • The goaltender can participate in the game only if the T-stick is attached to their chair.
  • The identical shirts in a different colour should be worn by the field players to the opposing team.
  • All the players should wear protective equipments like arm or knee pads, helmets and head gear.


  • Every team can have a maximum of five substitutes.
  • Substitutes also obtain their spot in the player’s area before beginning of the game.
  • A player can be substituted immediately if the injury of the player is not treated or an imperfect wheelchair is not repaired within 30 seconds in order to continue the game.


Electric Wheelchair Hockey is played with rules and restrictions and despite of their disability they participate in the hockey game.