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Roller Hockey Pucks

Pucks used in roller hockey are prepared for the players who wish to enjoy roller sports. These pucks are entirely different from pucks of ice hockey as they were created to be helpful on several types of smooth planes and appear same like a rink for skating. Cement, wood, smooth and asphalt plane may be used for playing roller hockey with pucks.

Roller hockey is also called Inline Hockey does not make use of the puck but the game hockey is played with pucks in the colleges of United States leagues. Pucks used in roller hockey are made up of galvanized rubber. Earlier, games like Hardball Hockey and Hurley make use of a ball instead of a puck.

The players playing roller hockey who wish to perform ice hockey during the off period in indoor roller skating rinks were the creators of pucks in roller hockey. The roller hockey pucks are different from the hockey balls as they require sliding on the ground devoid of rolling.

The stimulated rubber ball is used while playing other games of hockey and is cut from the top and foot and the remaining part is known as the pucks or roller hockey pucks.

Pucks in roller hockey make use of the similar theory as used in producing the puck in ice hockey and use the rollers or pins so that they can slide beside the ground. The pins made up of Teflon are used to prevent the plane of the puck without touching the floor and retain an outstanding weight.

When the playing shell is less even, then inline pucks used in street hockey make use of rollers in place of pins. Roller hockey pucks used in quad hockey provides the best performance. Pucks in roller hockey provides the type of movement that is possessed by the players of ice hockey.

These pucks were used in 1994 for playing ice hockey similar like roller hockey. Later on in the year 1996, the roller hockey pucks were made up of steal or plastic rollers in place of pins in the road hockey tournaments.

Roller hockey pucks can also be used while playing road hockey with friends and neighbors. Quad or inline hockey is also played using the roller hockey pucks and uses them while practicing for the tournament.