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Stick handling is considered as the most essential technique in hockey game. One should possess good handling skills for performing the following acts such as passing, receiving and to shoot the puck, winning face offs and controlling the possession of the puck.

In order to develop this skill or technology, one needs a lot of focused recurring training. Stick handling is considered as an important part of hockey game so one should practice and learn more and more in order to become proficient.

Stick handling can be practiced by the hockey players both on and off the ice. The young players play with a puck using the stick. If any player wants to develop the stick handling techniques, then one should play street hockey games and practice alone. The player should focus on his skills and try to learn new techniques about the game.

One can practice the stick handling off the ice in their garage, basement or in the driveway. One can also make use of a ball for playing hockey but now all hockey games are played with a puck. If the stick and puck slides more on the plane, then it is better for stick handling.

Learning Stick Handling

First of all, in order to learn the stick handling, the eyes of the players should be on the puck. Then puck should be moved within a 12-18 inch distance in a soft extensive motion towards the back.

Easy rhythm should be developed and one should not over handle the puck. One should not create a loud noise. One should also practice forward and backward dribbling, side to side dribbling and diagonal dribbling. First of all, one should be master in handling the stick in a still position.

Improving Stick Handling

One should keep the eyes away from the puck and make them stick on the goal and handle the stick by closing their eyes. First of all, one should learn to handle the stick in a motionless position and then perform stick handling while moving sideways, forward and backwards.

Then one should learn dribbling with the stick. Stick should be handled close to the feet. After learning about all the shots, then practice the stick handling drills on the ice like backhand shift, forehand shift and puck protection.