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Hockey Shooting Tips

The growth of hockey shooting skills includes uniformity and command, mastering and learning the skills, mastering shooting and increasing correctness from different positions and angles. If the player wants to become a good shooter, then he requires to practice about 200-300 shots in a week.

A grouping of on-ice and off-ice shooting practice is needed to increase the excellent shooting skills. The players keep on practicing the shots for hours every week in order to become an immense shooter. The players practice their shots less on ice and every senior and junior hockey player carry out hockey shooting off the ice.

The main aim of the hockey shooting tips is to train the beginner and intermediate players about the main skills on the different kinds of hockey shots like backhand shot, slap shot, wrist shot and snap shot and also includes stick handling and passing. The trainers make them learn these skills through the diagrams and videos. The shooting techniques are very complicated to master and needs a lot of effort and time.

Types of Hockey Shooting

Forehand Wrist-Shot

This is one of the essential shot which is performed by the players in a very adolescent age in their living room. In this type of hockey shooting, the most significant part is the transfer of weight. The weight can be moved from the back to the front leg. The player should stand vertical to the goal with the stick placed like a cup on the puck following the back foot. As soon as the puck moves forward, the weight transfers.

Backhand Wrist-Shot

This shooting skill is precisely identical to the forehand wrist-shot. The major problem is that the player keeps the puck very far away facing towards them when they begin the game. While doing this, the player does not acquire any control in the shot. The player should place the puck like a cup on the backhand and bring it back behind him.

Snap Shot

It is a useful and fast discharging hockey shooting. This type of shooting is very helpful in the high slot area. The person can have an opportunity to score, in case if the puck comes from the corner and the player takes the snap shot for getting a fast shot and strike to the side of the net.

Slap Shot

This type of hockey shooting is not very effective during play. This is mainly used for protection during the game. Sometimes, it is not considered as the best shooting in certain conditions.


There are various other types of hockey shooting like close in backhand ‘roofing it’ shot, close in forehand ‘roofing it’ shot, snap-shot off wrong foot and back-hand off a deke. But to improve the hockey shooting, one has to practice more and more to become a good shooter.