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Elite Hockey Instruction

Hockey is considered as a sport which is played by many players of all proficiency levels but most of the players play this game for fun and enjoyment if they understand the basics – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Elite Hockey Instruction can help the players in improving their skills and speed. If the player is learning how to skate or how to beat the water bottle over the peak of the net, these coaches or instructors will help the players in achieving their goals. So, Elite Hockey Instruction provides the entire hockey information to a group of players.

These instructors have helped more than 250 students in improving their abilities. Elite hockey instructors Andy Calandro, Michael Hendrix and Brad Preston have taught the players – if anyone wants to play the game, then first they have to love the game and if they play it well, then only they can live for long in the game.


These instructors have taught the players the highly developed skills and make them understand the dynamics of the team which means that first rule to play hockey is that the player have to remain active throughout the game. The most important skill to learn in the hockey game is to learn to become a good team player.


The player should learn the game in an appropriate manner from the beginning of the game. The instructors help the players in making them smarter player and do not focus on the positioning, strategy and nuances in the hockey.


The speed of learning the game of every player is different. So, Elite instructors

assess the skill level of every player and help them in reaching the desired level.

The Skills One Need to Succeed

Elite hockey instructors work very hard with each player in order to make them a better player. A skill program contains exercises, drills and instructional tools which will help the players to become master in the basics of the game. These instructors besides teaching about stopping, skating, stick handling and shooting focuses on every feature in order to make them a complete hockey player.

Elite hockey instructors assume that the best learning can be imparted when the player is contented with the environment. The player gets complete focused instruction and attention in any format chosen by them such as:-

  • Power Skating
  • Youth, Adults, Women’s and Men Clinics
  • Group and Private Lessons
  • Team Instruction


Elite hockey instructors help the players to reach their desired goals and teach them using the best tools. These instructors help every player to become a better player.