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Checking in Ice Hockey

Checking in ice hockey does not mean a penalty but it is the operation of actually keeping a rival player in check. Checking has made hockey a collision sport rather than contact sport like in basketball. The objective is not to undertake the rival player but substantial checks make them slow and influence the skills of the opponent to play the game.

Types of Checking in Ice Hockey

Body Checking

Hockey Canada suggests that body checking will start from the age of 11 years. About 8,000 people were treated for injuries caused in the game of hockey in Ontario hospital as stated by the Canadian Institute for Health Information in the year 2002-2003. About 25,000 people got injured worldwide.

This type of checking is also called as hip checking. Body checking is allowed on a rival with the control of the puck. In women’s hockey, body checking is considered as a penalty. It is also not permitted in leagues with young children and amateur leagues.

Poke Checking

Poke checking is when a player makes use of a stick to push the puck far off from other player. This method is used by goalies to prevent the players who came from the back side of the goal.

Back Checking

Back checking is when a player runs back to the protective zone in order to prevent them from the rival team’s attack.

Stick Checking

Stick checking is one when the player uses the stick to create the obstruction with the stick of the opponent.

Cross Checking

It is the act of checking a rival using the shaft of the stick in both hands. This is considered as illegal and a major or minor penalty is imposed on the player.

Sweep Checking

It is the act when a stick is used by a player in a full motion to beat the puck far away from the rival or prevent him from passing the ball.

Fore Checking

This type of checking is one when the ice is pushed against the other team towards the unpleasant zone.

How to Check in Ice Hockey

Checking is described as the use of bodily strength to achieve the ownership of the puck or to interrupt the playing of the opponent. It is very dangerous to throw a check because one can get hurt or the position of the player can be harmed. The main aim of checking is to make the other player out of the play.