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World Hockey Association

The World Hockey Association was a certified ice hockey league that was started in North America from 1972-1979. After the fall of the Western Hockey League, it was the first main contest held for the National Hockey League. This association was the most successful association in its time.

The success of this association depends on their compact position. The World Hockey Association was well recognized for its unbalanced authorization and the introduction of multi million dollar salaries in the game which is considered as a basis of controversy. This association launched number of hockey teams in various main cities in order to attract the top players and pay more money to the National Hockey League owners.


The World Hockey Association was established by Gary Davidson and DennisMurphy and the president of the American Basketball Association. Bill Hunter was the most dominant men in hockey who is not connected to the National Hockey League and with his assistance, this association has firm support in Edmonton , Winnipeg , Calgary and Saskatoon offering the new league about 4 Western Canadian teams which are in Canada .

In November 1971, 12 teams were formed. The association contains many players till June 1972 which includes National Hockey League stars like Bernie Parent and many of the players were college players. The World Hockey Association first appeared in the Ottawa Civic Centre on 11 th October, 1972 where Ottawa Nationals were defeated by the Alberta Oilers by 7-4. This hockey association signs a contract with the National Hockey League on 22 nd March, 1979 .

World Hockey Association Teams

  • Cincinnati Stingers
  • Edmonton Oilers
  • Indianapolis Racers
  • Chicago Cougars
  • Los Angeles Sharks
  • Denver Spurs
  • New England Whalers
  • Ottawa Nationals
  • Minnesota Fighting Saints
  • Winnipeg Jets
  • Phoenix Roadrunners

Trophies and Awards

  • Bill Hunter Trophy
  • AVCO World Trophy
  • Ben Hatskin Trophy
  • Gordie Howe Trophy
  • WHA Playoff MVP
  • Lou Kaplan Trophy
  • Paul Deneau Trophy