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USA Hockey

USA Hockey is well known as the leading organization for recreational ice hockey in the US and considered as an affiliate of the International Ice Hockey Federation. This organization is located in Colorado Springs at Colorado and consists of 445,000 registered members in the year 2004-2005.

USA Hockey, along with Hockey Canada is the only IIHF member associations which make use of his own rules instead of following the standard laws of hockey. The rules of USA Hockey are rationalized after every two years. The main aim of USA Hockey is to place a greater importance on the accurate use of the body so that position can be established and on other fields such as puck possession and skating.

The purpose of the enforcement standard is to decrease the restrictive violations in the game and not to eliminate the authorized body contact or checking.

USA Hockey handles nationwide competitions for both boys and girls and the game depends on the age level and winner cup competitions are arranged for Junior boy’s association and total of 10 contests are arranged for men’s hockey. USA Hockey is also played in various international schools and colleges.

There are various players who play hockey for their own nation. This is considered as a national game which is not only played in the United States but all over the world for fun and recreation. USA Hockey has alienated its power into various districts such as Atlantic , Michigan , Central, Alaska , Minnkota , New York , New England , Southeastern, Pacific and Mid-American.

Rules of USA Hockey

The players playing hockey in the United States follows his own rules such as:-

  • The stick is not permitted to hinder a progress of the player.
  • Players who use their expectancy or substantial talents and have positional benefits will not mislay that benefit as a result of unlawful deeds by the rival.
  • There is limitation over the use of the stick which is used only for playing the puck.
  • Players will be held liable for the acts of a threatening nature.
  • The use of a free arm or hand is not allowed in the game to hinder or capture the progress of the player.

All the associates of the USA Hockey should allocate an equal liability to guarantee the reliability of the game. The maintenance of integrity in the game does not depend on the officials but it is also the duty of the parents, administrators, players and coaches. Sometimes a severe punishment standard is imposed on the players if they do not follow the rules of the game.

All the members of USA Hockey should create awareness among the players and should maintain the fortitude, submission and admiration of the rules in order to have continuous improvement in the hockey game.