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Table Hockey Rules

Table hockey is a game which is played on table hockey games. This game begins in Upplands Vasby in the year 1982. Table hockey was played in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe , Japan and North America. International Table Hockey Federation organizes the World Championship after every two years. The authorized game of the Table Hockey World Championship is the Stiga Play Off game. Latest Table Hockey Championship was held at Latvia and Riga . Sweden’s Hans Osterman wins this Championship.

Rules of Table Hockey

The players should follow certain rules while playing table hockey and they are:-

Game Preparation and Game Model

  • Remove the goal cups.
  • Games should be fixed firmly to the table.
  • Make use of Stiga games.
  • The speed of the game’s plane must be kept equal.

Following Players Code of Conduct

All the players should follow code of conduct while playing the game in order to become a good sports person.


  • If the puck is out of play, then also time keeps on moving and it does not stop.
  • The duration of the match lasts for 5 minutes.
  • If a player is not playing in the game and play after sometime for 30 seconds from the start of the match, the player will lose the match according to the rules.
  • In all matches, an audio timer is used.
  • For starting the match, a unique audio signal should be declared.
  • In the event of a draw after the end of 5 minutes during the play off matches, each player gets overtime. The player who achieves the first goal in this overtime will be declared a winner.


  • Before beginning the next face off, one should remove the puck from the puck catcher.
  • If the player scores a goal after the final buzzer, then that goal is not considered to be valid.
  • If the goal is scored straight by pressing a stationary puck against the goal impound is considered to be valid.

Goal Crease Rule

  • If the puck is in a complete relaxing position in the goal crease and has not touched the goal line, then the defending player can have a chance to play the puck.
  • If the puck is in a relaxing position in the goal crease and has touched the goal line, then the defending player calls this act as block and made a new face off.

Playing Figures

  • When there is a good reason, then the ITHF enables the use of other Stiga playing figures.
  • Records from the play off side, the Stiga table hockey games are used.