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New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation

The hockey game was played for about 60 years in New Zealand by the farm workers and farmers on the frozen lakes and ponds. The first ice hockey tournament was played at Opawa which is near Albury in the year 1937 at South Canterbury . After that, a meeting was held and the Ice Skating Association is formed in New Zealand.

In 1986, the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation was formed at Lake Tekapo at a meeting where ice hockey began to grow. New Zealand first appeared at the International Ice Hockey Federation World Championships held in West Australia in the year 1987 in a D Pool and team achieved the Bronze medal.

The senior teams of New Zealand have taken part in World Championships till 1995 but success has been mysterious and the standard of contest is very high. Junior teams participated in the Asian Junior Championships in the year 1998. The New Zealand Junior team won a bronze medal in the World Championships in the year 1999 and achieved the gold medal in Thailand .

New Zealand teams have always annoyed the Tasman to play the hockey games in Australia . Women’s ice hockey is also organized in New Zealand and the Women’s Ice Hockey is organized in Sydney in 2006 where they will compete against an All Star Women’s selection and club teams.

Ice hockey is played in various states of New Zealand like Christchurch, Auckland and Otago. The authorized areas which are recorded with the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation are Tamaki, Southern Ice Hockey League, Auckland and Canterbury . These areas have organized certain clubs in Gore, Albury, Queenstown, Dunedin , Alexandra and Ranfurly for playing hockey.

This ice hockey federation is managed by a group which consists of 12 people and no area will have more than four representatives. The President was elected for the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation at the Annual General Meeting for two year tenure. The members of this association should contain one portfolio containing essential information about the archives, coaching, women and referees. National Championships are held for the juniors, seniors, midgets, peewees and the women every year in New Zealand .

The New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation is a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation. Being the member of the International Ice Hockey Federation, New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation has access to the IIHF Development Camps, the Asian Championships and the World Championships.

The IIHF will provide substantial help to Ice Hockey Federation in New Zealand and will organize the Development Camps for the Coaches, Players, Administrators and the Referees.