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Rules of Hockey

The Hockey Rules Board of the International Hockey Federation provides the rules of hockey to the players. The official rules of hockey are given through the RulesAdvisory Panel. In this game, sticks are used which are curved on one side and flat on the other. This game is played by two teams by hitting and dribbling a hard plastic ball downwards to the field.

The player can achieve a goal when he takes a shot from within the semicircle which is 16 yards from the goal or within striking circle. The team with the maximum goals at the end of the game is confirmed the winner of the game.

The Game

  • This game includes 11 players along with the goal keeper.
  • It is divided into two halves and it is played for about 35 minutes in international play and about 30 minutes in high school play.
  • Two umpires are placed on the field and the additional umpire is also placed during the match.
  • The side and back of the cages are 18 inches high.
  • A goal can be achieved by the player when he hits the ball from within the striking circle into the goal.
  • The ball should be dribbled or passed downwards to the field using the flat side of the stick.
  • The ball should not be protected by the player using their stick or body and equal chance should be given to all the players for playing the ball.

The Equipment

The Stick

The ball should be moved using the flat side of the stick.

The Field

The game of hockey is played on the grass and a striking circle is patented about 16 yards behind from each goal post. The field is divided by a center line and a 25 yard line is marked on each side of the field.

The Goals

Goal enclosures are 12 feet wide, 7 feet high and 4 feet deep.

Extra Time

In case of international play, if the game is played for about 7.5 minutes period, then the players are given extra time of two minutes and the game ends immediately when one team achieves a goal.


A player cannot do the following such as:-

  • Hit, charge or shove an opponent.
  • Play the ball using the rounded side of the stick.
  • Hook, hit or interfere with the stick of an opponent.
  • Proceed the ball by any means other than with the stick.

Penalty Corner

  • The ball is positioned on the goal line at least 10 yards from the adjacent goal post in a penalty corner.
  • If the player hits the ball for scoring a goal then the ball should cross the goal line which should not be more than at a height of 460 mm.


For any deliberate offense or misbehavior, the umpire can do the following:-

  • Warn the wrong player with a green card.
  • Permanently defer the wrong player with a red card.
  • Caution the wrong player.