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England Hockey

The hockey game is played widely across the world. It is considered as a popular orientated game which is played by both men and women in clubs of England. This game is played in various schools and colleges and provides various social opportunities for officials, players and administrators and also played in the independent sector.

It is treated as the national central body which is played as a sport in England . England hockey was founded on 1 st January in the year 2003 in order to change the English Hockey Association. World Class Hockey Limited, a limited company which controls the England ’s International Hockey. The administration of hockey in England includes 6 Regional Associations such as West, East, South, Midlands , North and the Combined Services.

England Hockey is associated to the International Hockey Federation and the EuropeanHockey Federation. Earlier England hockey was played at the National Hockey Stadium at Milton Keynes but now it is used for playing football. Now, it is played in the sports stadium or member clubs. The first men’s worldwide hockey match was held between Ireland and England at Richmond Hockey Club in the year 1895.

The women’s international hockey match was held in the year 1896. The field hockey for men was first held in the London Olympics in the year 1908 and hockey for women was not initiated in the Olympics till 1980. Various gold medals were achieved by men in the year 1988, 1908 and 1920. The British women achieve a Bronze medal in the year 1992 held at Barcelona .

Clubs and Competitions

There are about 1050 clubs in England where hockey is played. Some of the hockey club contains about 4-6 adult teams and some consist of 1 team. Young youths are not only encouraged for playing hockey but their interest and development within a game is also encouraged.

Most of the hockey games are played in leagues with regional associations and local country in which weekly matches are held throughout the period. There is a regular booking of the players in some clubs and also uses a pub for playing post match.

Education and Schools

England hockey appoints the first trainer for teaching hockey in various schools in the year 2005. Their main aim was to teach hockey as a sport at all levels. Hockey is taught as a part of education to all students to increase their physical strength and interest.