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American Collegiate Hockey Association

This association commenced as a men’s collegiate hockey league in the year 1991 and the league consist of 150 teams which played in three divisions. The women joined this hockey association in the year 2000 and played in five divisions. Presently, there are 300 teams from the US.

The main goal of this association is to provide unity, quality and regulation of 4 year intercollegiate hockey programs worldwide and help the players of the college. The American Collegiate Hockey Association implements policies and procedures to fulfill the aim of the organization.

The essential documents are updated yearly at the annual meeting of American Collegiate Hockey Association. The association’s rules include the eligibility of the player and team, national tournament procedures, ranking procedures, rules of play and other executive issues. This association is a licensed non-profit organization.

Mission and Purpose


  • The major mission of this association is to expand the growth of collegiate hockey programs worldwide. This association discovers principles which provide regulation and unity of teams at the collegiate level.
  • This hockey association encourages all features of collegiate hockey which gives importance on the individual development of players and also promotes national acknowledgment for the member organizations.
  • American Collegiate Hockey Association highlights institutional sanction, standards of play, academic performance, eligibility criteria and prospects for national competition.


This association is the group of University or College member programs which controls operations, provides constitution and encourages the excellence of collegiate ice hockey.


The American Collegiate Hockey Association was founded on 20 th April, 1991.Fifteen member teams play college hockey for several years following the rules and regulations. The members who have formed the association were Joe Battista, Howard Jenks, Tom Keegan, Jim Barry, Ron Starr, Jeff Aikens, Jack White, Scott Fuller and Al Murdoch. The teams of this association are the associates of USA Hockey and later on joined the American Hockey Coaches Association in the year 1999.


This association includes the teams of both men and women. The side of the men is made up of 3 divisions – Division I, Division II and Division III. Each division has to follow different rules for the game. The women’s team has one division which was started in the year 2000 and about 15 teams play the match. In the year 2003-2004, the total numbers of teams were 278 – In Division I, there are 40 teams, in Division II, there are 124 teams, in Division III, there are 87 teams and in Women’s Division, there are 27 teams.