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Hockey is the popular game in which team members are used curved sticks and tries to drive a ball or rubber disk into the other team’s target or challenger’s net. There are many different forms of hockey. The main description of hockey in a certain area has a tendency to be identified as hockey, but other forms of hockey are wholly qualified.

Field Hockey – Field hockey plays with a ball on natural grass or gravel or on the water based or sand based artificial turfs with a solid ball. Hockey sport is very famous among females and males in numbers of countries from all over the world; mostly countries may include India, Australia, South Africa, Europe, Pakistan, South Asia and New Zealand.

Females are mostly played hockey in the Canada and the United States. The J-shaped sticks are mostly used in latest field hockey. These sticks are made by a combination of carbon fibre, wood or glass fibre.

Since 4000 years, the field hockey sports have been played in Egypt. In 1849, the primary hockey club was located at Blackheath in London.

Ice HockeyIce hockey plays on the surface of ice with a little rubber disc that is known as puck. The weigh of rubber disc is about 7 ounce to 9 ounce in hockey. Ice hockey is very popular between Northern Europe and all regions of North America. The International Ice Hockey Federation is included about 64 members.

Since 1924, it has been participated at the Winter Olympics. The National Hockey League of North America is the well-built regional ice hockey club. It has drawn top players for ice hockey from all over the world. The rules of the National Hockey League are different from rules used in the Olympics. In ice hockey, Sticks have a lengthy L-shaped sharp edge.

Rink Hockey – This form of hockey is mainly played on roller-skated and a little, solid ball is used in it. Rick hockey is especially played in countries such as Portugal,Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Italy. In Italy, rink hockey is mostly played in most of Northern areas specially Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-South Tyrol. The International Rink Hockey Committee is the governing body. In Rink Hockey, the sticks are in Curled L-shaped.

Other Forms of Hockey

  • Air Hockey – This form of hockey is played with a solid rubber disk on air-cushion table indoors.

  • Ball Hockey – This form of hockey is just same as ice hockey, but players are used a solid ball in place of rubber disk (Puck).

  • Bubble Hockey – This type of hockey plays on a table that is sealed with plastic by the use of turning and pushing rods.

  • Foot Hockey – This form of hockey plays using rolled up pair of socks or a bald tennis ball. In the winter, it is mostly played at elementary schools.