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The Hockey Sweater

The Hockey Sweater is a small story which is published in both English and French by the author Roch Carrier in the year 1979. Till now, it is well recognized as the best works in Canada .

After sometime it was converted into a National Film Board of Canada in 1980 which was shown in the form of a short story which is popularly called as ‘LeChandail’ or ‘The Sweater’. This film is shown to the students in various schools and colleges and becomes very popular among the youths of Canada .

The tale is regarded as a symbol which is related to language and literary strains between francophone and Anglophone Canadians and an important standard of Canadian text. An extract from the story is also remembered in both the certified languages of Canada and can be seen on the back of the five dollar bill in Canada .


The hockey sweater depends on the actual knowledge of Carrier who was grown up in a remote portion of Quebec in the year 1940. He was an immense admirer of the Montreal Canadians and the well renowned star player, ‘The Rocket Richard’. When the hockey sweater was developed in the Canada , the Carrier’s mother ordered a new sweater. A Toronto Maple Leafs sweater was sent by the company to his mother. The mother let his son to wear an old sweater in the hockey game. As a result, Carrier was enforced to wear the Leafs sweater while playing ice hockey and the other players wear the Montreal Canadians sweaters.


When the production of the hockey sweater was seen by the Leonard Maltin, he recognized it with enlightening and elucidating to him the devastating significance of hockey in Canadian customs. It was one of his desired dynamic inventions.


This animated film ‘The Hockey Sweater’ describes the nationalized symbols and highlights the worldwide philosophy of companionship and opposition and common qualities.