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Hockey Players

Every team has the permission to replace any player while playing the game. The team of hockey consists of 11 players. Ten players are known as the field players and have given a specific role in the game and eleventh player is the goal keeper whose role is to save the goal from the other team.

A player can also be changed at any time and another player can be substituted in place of them. The uniform worn by the goal keeper is entirely different from the other team members. Players cannot have hazardous studs, spikes or projecting pin in foot wear. The goalkeeper is allowed to use kickers, pads, masks, gauntlet, elbow pads, gloves, headgear, body protection and helmet which protect the body from injuries during the game.

Conduct of Players

  • Hooking, hitting, striking, holding or intervening with the stick of the opponent is not permitted.

  • The ball is played by the player with the flat side of the stick and no player is allowed to obstruct the game if he has no stick of his own.

  • A player can stop or kick the ball using any portion of the body in case the ball is in the ring of goalkeeper. The game ends when the ball touches the clothes of any player or the padding of a goalkeeper. The game will be started by persecuting on the mark by the umpire. When an umpire gets hit by the ball, then the game continues.

  • Leg or foot should not be used by a player in case of supporting the stick to check the opponent’s player.

  • The ball should not be stopped or turn aside by the player on the land using any portion of the body for the benefit of their team.

  • A stick should go over the shoulder at the commencement or at the end of the stroke so that the ball should not cause any harm to the player.

  • A player must not hamper the game by running between the ball and an opponent or should not stop the ball with his stick as an impediment.

  • Unsafe or violent play, time wasting and any kind of misbehavior is not allowed during the game.

  • The ball can be kicked, carried, picked up or thrown only with the stick in any direction.

List of Hockey Players

There are number of players who have played hockey till now. Some of them are:-

  • Katie King
  • George Richardson
  • Jack Marshall
  • Brad Turner
  • Ray Whitney
  • Tom Johnson
  • Alain Caron
  • Steven King
  • Mike Ware
  • Gary Edwards
  • Harry Howell and many more

All these players have won several bronze, silver and gold medals in the game of hockey and brought credit and fame to the nation.