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History of Hockey

The Beginning (1800-1850)

Hockey is a very popular game played by many players all over the world. There were many contradictory theories behind the game of hockey and this game develops in the fields of Irish and known as Hurley. This game was played in Ireland with a stick and a ball. Hurley was also played in Nova Scotia in the year 1800.

It was very difficult for the players to play this game in winters due to the rough ground which is the result of snow and then the new game emerged as ‘Hurley on Ice’ that was started at King’s College in Windsor and also became popular on the East coast around 1850.

The New Game (1850-1900)

The new game Hurley on Ice was also known as Shinny and Rickets and was called Hockey at the end of 1800. After sometime, the name of this game was changed to hockey as given by the Royal Canadian Rifles Officer when he went to Nova Scotia . In 1870, James Creighton who was an engineer taught his friends about the rules to play this game at McGill University .

In the mid of 1870, the arena for playing the game was placed in Montreal and the first hockey game was played inside a rink. The new rules known as Halifax Rules were made and each team of nine players plays this game of hockey following these rules. Then James Creighton shifted to Ottawa and started first hockey team in the end of 1880 known as Rideau Hall Rebels.

The Stanley Cup (1892)

The first Stanley Cup was given to the players of hockey teams in Canada in 1893 and after that it became the national sport of Canada .

New Century (1900-1950)

During this period, the tube skates were invented for the players of hockey.

National Hockey League (1917)

During this period, National Hockey League was formed and achieves control on the Stanley Cup in the year 1926.

The Original Six (1942-1967)

The six teams were formed during this period such as Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings which were called as ‘The Original Six’.

Present Day (1950-2001)

In the last fifty years, curved stick was invented by Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull. Goalie masks were also invented at the end of 1950 and were used by Jacques Plante during one of his game. Hockey helmets were also not used till the 1970 and were directed by the National Hockey League during 1979-1980.