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Birthplace of Hockey

The recently obtained descriptions placed in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia of a waving game played on Lake Banook at Dartmouth and got painted in the year 1867 involves the original picture of a real game of ice hockey.

The local newspaper depicted in the year 1867 that hockey matches were held between the teams from the Fleet and Garrison on the Dartmouth lakes.

The truth of the picture is hold up by the reality and these events were reported in the local newspapers. There was no declaration about the game Hurley to be played.

The only thing which is depicted by seeing the images is that the players are holding the sticks in their one hand which only reveals that the game similar to hockey was played.

But now, the players do not hold the puck using their one hand on the stick. The reason is that during talent contests, the players hold their stick using one hand for increasing their speed.

The survey was conducted in the year 2004 and it was found that most of the readers consider Halifax as the birthplace of hockey. The game of hockey is not discovered but it develops and enlarges on its own and it is very difficult to say the exact birthplace of hockey.

It is very hard to evaluate that when the game was started or whether it is a European Hurley or the Canadian game. It was stated that hockey is being played in the town of Windsor at Nova Scotia . In 1796, Thomas Chandler Haliburton was born in Windsor . He became a writer in the later years and has written a book on the ‘Birthplace of Hockey’.

Windsor contains various exclusive elements. This is the hometown or birthplace of the writer or author of Thomas Chandler Haliburton. He wrote in his book after seeing the images and descriptions of players playing hockey on the Lake Banook in Windsor . This place is known as the birthplace of hockey.

It shows the definite proof which reveals that the ice hockey was played in the year 1800. The ice hockey was played by the boys of Windsor ’s King’s College School and they only introduced the game Hurley on the ice.

This game later on became very popular as ice hockey and was considered as the national sport of the Canadians. As a result of devotion, hard work and loyalty of a large number of people of the Town of Windsor , the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society was formed in the year 1995. So, Windsor is considered as the birthplace of hockey and published in various nationwide and worldwide newspapers and magazines.