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Hockey Sticks

A hockey stick is considered as one of the essential part of the equipment with the player. One cannot play a game without a stick. A hockey stick is used in various types of hockey such as ice hockey, field hockey and roller hockey with which the puck or ball is moved.

The player should have the right stickhandle, stick to discharge, pass and check with accuracy and ability. Hockey sticks are not only used by the ice hockey players but they are also used to play floor hockey, ball hockey and street hockey.

Before buying a hockey stick, the stick should contain the right weight and height and if the stick is very long, then the player should take a small stick.

The hockey stick should be purchased according to the position of the body. There are various styles of hockey which are available in the market and made up of aluminum, wood, titanium, carbon, graphite, kevlar and rubber covered sticks. One and two piece hockey sticks are also available which comes with disposable blades.

The hockey sticks are available in a large variety of price. Wooden hockey sticks costs for $10 to $15, goalie hockey sticks costs for about $50 and composite hockey sticks costs for about $300.

Different Types of Hockey Sticks

Composite Hockey Sticks

  • The blades are made up of wood and are attached to the composite stick using glue.
  • The shafts are available in variety of materials like aluminum, kevlar, fiberglass, titanium and graphite.
  • The material used in composite hockey stick is made up of light material which is more costly as compared to wood.

Aluminum Hockey Sticks

  • These sticks use disposable blades.
  • This type of stick is not very costly.
  • The shaft is completely made up of aluminum.

Titanium Hockey Sticks

  • These sticks are very costly.
  • These hockey sticks are very strong and very light in weight.

Wood Hockey Sticks

  • This type of stick is broken very easily.
  • Wood sticks are heavy in weight and very hard as compared to other materials.
  • This stick is very conventional and is not very expensive as compared to modern composite sticks.

Graphite Hockey Sticks

  • This hockey stick use consumable blades.
  • Graphite hockey sticks are very strong and light in weight.
  • These hockey sticks are more costly as compared to aluminum and fiberglass but inexpensive than titanium and kevlar.

Goalie Hockey Sticks

  • These hockey sticks are made up of wood and are heavy in weight and usually larger as compared to regular sticks.
  • Wider blades are used in goalie hockey sticks.