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Hockey Skates

Mission Technology skates are mainly designed for hockey in which stiff boots are attached to it that provides support whenever the foot moves.

The roller hockey skates contain soft wheels which provide improved grip in the hockey rinks. Mission is the popular company which is well known for producing the roller hockey skates.

This company provides the hockey skates for both roller and ice hockey which are of outstanding value and quality. The player can wear these skates while playing hockey on road and ice. It is not compulsory to wear skates while playing hockey on road.

History of Ice Hockey Skates

The pair of skates was found at the bottom of a lake around 3000 B.C in Switzerland . The hockey skates were created from the leg bones of huge animals, contains leather straps which were helpful in tying the skates and holes were also fed up at every end of the bone. Skate was derived from the Dutch word ‘Schenkel’ which refers to ‘leg bone’. The wooden platform skates were used by the Dutch during the 14 th century. The skater’s shoes were attached to the hockey skates using the leather straps. Later on around 15 th century, a metal edged blade was added to the skater with which the player can glide and push with the feet. In 1848, the first steel clamp was invented by Bushnellof Philadelphia for skates. In 1914, St. Paul established the first blade which is made up of steel and is attached to the hockey skates which make them stronger and lighter.

Types of Hockey Skates

Inline Hockey Skates

It contains following features:-

  • Sumilon lining
  • Ballistic nylon boot
  • 76mm a urethane wheel
  • 2 pieces of aluminium chassis

Ice Hockey Skates

It contains following features:-

  • Hockey blade is made up of nylon holder in which ni-plated blade is attached.
  • Hockey boot is made up of ballistic nylon

Quad Hockey Skates

It contains following features:-

  • Ultra suede lining
  • Made up of Ballistic Nylon in which artificial leather trim boot is attached.
  • Hyper Rollo wheel