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Hockey Puck

A puck which is generally used in ice hockey is made up of a hard disk of vulcanized rubber that is black in color. A typical puck is about 3 inches in diameter, 1 inch thick and weighs between 5.5-6 ounces.

Pucks are patented with league symbols or team on one or both the sides. Canadian rules bandy which is one of the forms of ice hockey in the past used a ball instead of a puck when it appeared from Europe to North America .

The players in the past found that the rubber ball which is used in the field hockey seems to be dynamic on the ice surface therefore, the top and bottom of the ball was cut and the hockey puck was made.

The players make use of puck in the planned play in order to save the viewers from the active ball which was used earlier. Before beginning of the game, now the pucks are solidified for few hours in order to shrink the bouncing while playing the game.

The Oxford English Dictionary advocates the word puck which is used in hurling for approaching the ball or striking or Irish and Scottish players call puck carry a blow, punch or poke. In Southern states like Dallas , a puck is also known as a disk. Broadcast and published media calls hockey pucks as a biscuit.

Types of Hockey Pucks

There are several varieties of hockey puck available in the market. The most common hockey puck which is used is blue in color and helps to train the younger players who cannot use an average puck. Some heavy hockey pucks are also used for training and are reddish orange and pink in color and they develop their stick managing ability and increase the power of their shots.

The players who want to increase their stick handling abilities and strength they generally perform with steel hockey pucks. A light weight orange hockey puck is used for floor or road hockey.

Hockey Pucks Used While Playing

Hockey pucks can achieve at a speed of about 100 + mph when they are hit and very risky for viewers and players. The injuries are caused due to puck while playing hockey is very common.

So, the players wear various kinds of safe gear like goalie mask for protection. A 13 year old girl named Brittanie Cecil died on 18 th March, 2002 by hockey puck which struck the head of that girl when the match was between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Calgary Flames held in Columbus .