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Hockey Helmet

The field hockey goalkeepers and ice hockey players wear a hockey helmet in order to save the head from probable injuries. Hockey helmets contentedly hold the head from inside by treating the head’s back or the western swelling. Helmet manufacturers have created a chart which contains full description about the head dimensions and size of the helmet.

If one wants to find out the correct size of the helmet, then one should evaluate the perimeter of the head about one inch or 2.5cm over the eyebrows. Most of the hockey helmets contain tool-free alterations but in earlier days, the size of the helmet is changed by releasing the bolts on the side so that the front portion of the helmet can be moved backward or forward easily.

A player should use that helmet while playing the hockey game which should fit properly on the head which requires no movement and increase the protection of the head.

The helmet should not be rotated or should not be so loose that it envelops the field of vision of the player. The shield of a hockey helmet is made of a material known as vinyl nitrile that scatters power and sucks the force of strikes by sticks, skates, pucks and contact with the ice which decreases the probability of a shock. It is very essential for the young players to wear a helmet during playing hockey.

How to Buy an Ice Hockey Helmet

  • Most of the helmets come with wide price range and one should buy that helmet which is durable and according to the size of the head. There are various types of helmets available in the market with different outlook such as Nike Bauer Hockey Helmet, CCM HT2 Hockey Helmet, Bauer 8000 Hockey Helmet and many more. One can get the best helmet between $70 and $80 and the youth helmet can be available for about $55.

  • The size of the hockey helmet is very important part to consider while buying hockey helmet. It should be directly fit on the head and should not be too tight or loose. The screws of the helmet can be loosened by the player to make it fit on the head.

  • Some hockey helmets also consists face mask. The player should check before buying that it should not block the vision while playing. The vision problems generally arise with the wire masks.